Outpatient Infusion Center in South Florida

Calm setting. Infusion therapy excellence. Close to home.

Outpatient Infusion Care

FloMed Infusion Center offers outpatient infusion services in a relaxing ambulatory center. Receive your infusion therapy without visiting the hospital or having someone enter your home. Additionally, gain access to our financial concierge for support. All of these benefits without switching your doctor. Your comfort and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. Our care team delivers IV therapy infusion and injections in a peaceful, home-like setting.

In the heart of Delray Beach, you can feel confident in world-class yet comfortable infusion care, without the cold, sterile feeling of other centers. At FloMed Infusion center, we promise highly skilled staff, a calming environment, and leading treatment capabilities. Heal with us, and book your next appointment today. The comfort of home, with the care excellence of our clinical team.

Private rooms.
Comfy recliners.
Dedicated Nurses.

Room for friends, family, & caregivers during your infusion treatment.

Flexible Schedule.
Special appointments available upon request.

Centrally located suites.
Walk up parking.
No waiting rooms.